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The Malaysian Wood Expo (MWE) is a wood and woodworking machinery expo jointly organised by the Malaysian Timber Council (MTC) and Panels & Furniture Group. Since its inception in 2019, MWE has gained interest and momentum as the platform for top exhibitors to gather from around the world.

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I have a very good impression of MWE. The organising is done very well. I really enjoyed the B2B business matching session, though some people were late. I see good quality visitors. We have been coming to Malaysia for a while and this is a good opportunity for us to keep tab of the activities in the market.

Florence PerrucardExport Sales Director of Ducerf Group and President of French Timber

It was the right choice to attend this Expo. It was very well organised. We have had good discussions with several of our existing customers and some potentially new ones. If there will be a next MWE, then yes, we will consider participating again as exhibitor.

Holger RiesArea Sales Director of Southeast Asia, DIEFFENBACHER

I like the arrangement. I have got some customers from the neighbouring countries in Southeast Asia like India, Philippines, Mauritis, Dubai but not many Malaysian ones. We had a couple of relevant enquiries.

Giovanni CasadeiCountry Manager (Southeast Asia), SCM

Unexpectedly, I have four good enquiries from big players from India and Malaysia. The organising is as well as the arrangement of international delegates is good. There is a lot of interest towards digital printing and finishing which we need to follow up. Our lines are more customised, usually we still need to follow up after the show to close deals. We have had good quality visitors.

Eddy OoiSales Manager (Asia Pacific), BÜRKLE

One advantage of this show is having MTC as the co-organiser and getting a large number of their members to visit. Another advantage is tat Malaysia hasn’t had a show for too long. These advantages make this show an attractive one, one of our machines that was on display was reserved right on the first day of the show. The crowd and quality of visitors are good.

The fair ground is a good size, visitors are more concentrated and they need not walk too far to visit other booths. We were assigned a great location, the hall is well-decorated – the organisers obviously invested money and effort to get the place up.

This is a good show. We should be back for the next one.

Peter LiuInternational Sales Director, NANXING MACHINERY

The show is within my expectations. The visitors that visited our booth are of good quality and they are related to the industry. We are happy with MWE. For the B2B session, we hope the communication with the timber suppliers and their representatives can be improved, especially when timber traders cancel the meeting or can only meet later.

John ChanRegional Director, American Hardwood Export Council

So far, especially on the first day, the show has been quite busy for us. We have had a lot of customers, interesting discussions and valid enquiries. Second morning was a little slower just before lunch, but traffic is picking up. Obviously, not everyone stops by or stops in, but we have some new clients who stop by and that’s what we aim for in a trade show. We also keep in touch with the existing customers. I think it will
be interesting to have seminars for panel manufacturing for the next MWE so visitors will have more value-added information.

Wolfgang NeeserSales Director, HOMAG Asia

The organisers and the location of the exhibition hall is excellent. The crowd can be bigger but quality of the visitors is good. I will definitely be back for the next MWE

Marc PfetzingSenior Manager Asia, SCHULER Consulting

The show is well-organised with a good crowd and valid enquiries. We have two to three orders as well, so we are quite pleased. It is great that MTC supported the show by providing the 10 per cent discount. This is a very big attractions to visitors and potential buyers. The organiser has done a good job processing the discount for our customers. This may be the first show for MWE, it is not a big one but it has everything.

Ng Jui KengExecutive Director, Goldinjaya Engineering Trading & Services

I feel quite positive about this show. Comparing the booth we had in Jakarta last year to MWE, I think this show is better. The visitors that stopped by are more interested and are more attractive to us. Surprisingly, we had a lot of overseas visitors – many of them are from India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Actually, we are a Singaporean company, originally a pallet and packaging company which we expanded to Malaysia and we became a timber importer and exporter, we have also expanded into Thailand and Indonesia. India is a market, but we only sell to them in small batches because they care more about the price than quality. If there is a show again, I would like to come back.

For the next show, if there are two halls, maybe you can consider putting the timber suppliers in one hall and machines in another. I would like to be surrounded with timber people, suppliers, producers, manufacturers. Still, I am happy we came.

Steven DepypereSales and Purchase Director, ETH


The Malaysian Timber Council (MTC) was established in January 1992 to promote the development and growth of the Malaysian timber industry. MTC was formed on the initiative of the timber industry and governed by a Board of Trustees, whose members are appointed by the Minister of Plantation and Commodities.

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